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  • Yvette/VA on 2008-Jul-09 20:07:37 Yvette/VA said

    Look at my daughter in the front.
    She is fly girl.......
  • Khannie Butler (Khannie) on 2008-Jul-10 14:41:53 Khannie Butler (Khannie) said

    African American Skate Beauties!
  • Synergy on 2008-Jul-13 05:55:21 Synergy said

    Melanie & Whitley! Mom & Daughter! That's my VT-Lady-Skater....my Roll Doll...Mommy's Lil girl behind me (she's got my back) lol...can ya'll tell I am a proud mommie!
  • Rocky/Va. on 2008-Jul-13 14:11:00 Rocky/Va. said

    Hey Yvette you & your daughter(fly girl) looking just alike... :-)
  • Mia Henderson (MamaMia), Indianapolis, IN on 2008-Jul-25 12:10:17 Mia Henderson (MamaMia), Indianapolis, IN said

    I just want you to know that it is a blessing to have mother and daughter out doing their thing. You go girls and I pray many more skating to come!!!!!

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